It Was Time

All week long I’d been carving out a slice of time to take the LHT for a spin.  I figured I could skin it in right after the baseball game and before dark while the wife was at a church banquet.  Bottom of the third with my son in right field, and it starts to pour.  and pour.  and lightening and pour.  and then it poured some more.

Slightly bummed, I came home and plopped on the couch and fell into a much needed nap.  It has been a long week, and today I had been going strong since 7am with lawn work, cleaning, and sporting events. 

But around 7:30 I wake to the Jeopardy theme song, and there it was.  Still drizzing, but not pouring, an orange glow on one side of the universe, and a rainbow on the other.  If ever there was a sign from God to test out my bike, this was it.  And I learned a long time ago that if you think it’s God talking, you better do what he says.

So it was a short but glorious ride.  First, Bone is right about the Paselas.  They feel as good as my Marin with the suspension post set to stiff, only the front end is smoothed out also.  They eat up any bumps in the pavement, and give you a sure-footedness unlike any other street tire.  I found myself aiming for cracked pavement and puddles.  Speaking of which, the fenders work great.

The gearing is precise, quiet, and wide.  I was on fairly level pavement with gentle rises, so no granny gear.  But I did take one good hill and only dropped down into the 36.  I didn’t think I’d use it that much, but now I think I will use it alot.  Friction is wonderful…everyone should do it.  Maybe it was the rain or the wet pavement, but I could not hear the chain, and could barely hear the freewheel when coasting.

The cantis are as good as any V brakes I’ve ever used, and the interrupters are placed perfectly.

Finally, this is the first bike in 30 years that I can ride without hands.  A little tentative at first, but I came up, stayed on the pedals, and even steered a long turn.  I started doing some loops around our neighborhood and I could see the guys down the street in their garage, throwing back a few beers, most likely looking out at me, wondering “why is he riding around the street with no hands, out in the rain when its almost dark?”

Because I was on a mission, and because I can.

The bike handles like a dream.

6.6 miles, 13mph avg.,  max. – irrelevant

One response to “It Was Time

  1. Nice. It’s always fun to ride no-handed:-)

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