Finishing Touches

Last night I was able to trim down the fender stays and get the computer semi working.  It does not turn on automatically when you start moving, but it does record speed if you hit one of the buttons to activate it.  I suspect that I may not have the fork sensor placed properly, and that might be a problem.  It needs to be 1-3mm close to the magnet; but that’s a little hard when you have these big honkin forks that leave all kinds of clearance for the tires.  The other possibility is that the computer battery is also low.  I prolly just need to play around with it a bit.

I also ordered an additional fender brace for the front.  The portion of the fender that sticks out beyond the front of the fork is about a foot long, and it tends to flex and bounce when I ride over a bump, and will momentarily rub against the tire.  Having the second stay, thus creating three points of contact with the bike, should stiffen it up.

Other than that, the only thing I’m waiting for is the bracket for the Carradice bag, for which the seller is taking his good ol’ time.

I’m hoping that the weather and our schedule will allow me to get out for a short ride this evening.  I plan to cartop the bike to my daughter’s PT appointment and ride while she is inside.  Then, I’ll put it back on the car, change my shirt, and we’re off to my son’s school orchestra concert.

In our quest to raise perfect children, we truly do overschedule ourselves.  Baseball, soccer, music lessons, church activities, school events; the list goes on.  I’ve got a million things to do around the house, and I also want to ride.  Two more weeks of soccer, so maybe things will open up a little at that point.


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