Buying a new Wally Wagon

I’ve never liked banks, but our credit union is fantastic.  Our 12 year old Ford van would not pass inspection without some major work, so we decided it was time to trade up.  A friend of ours has a 2 year old mint Honda van that she wants to sell because she never drives it.  We worked out a deal, and I got on line and then picked up the phone.  After a 20 minute conversation and faxing two forms, they will have the check ready for me this afternoon.  And then, all we have to do is call, and they will roll it over to some sort of home equity/auto loan that is tax deductable.  Red loves those deductions!

My wife and I have driven three Hondas into the dirt, and love them.  Why we ever got away from them is a mystery, but paying a little extra for the added reliability is worth every penny.  She’ll be the primary driver, so I sent her off to do the test drive and she gave her approval.  Compared to the Ford, which has questionable brakes, a surging engine, and a slipping tranny; it should be a step up.  Given the kids age, it will be the last minivan we ever buy.


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