Bikes: Surly Long Haul Trucker

(Updated Post and Pics Here)

Finally.  I worked off and on last night and have her all but done.  I still need to trim down the fender stays because the pedals hit them when turning, and I’m pretty sure the computer just needs a transmitter battery.  I’ve toodled up and down the street, but haven’t had the chance to really see how she handles.  Here she is:

This is how she looked from Pedal Pushers.  Jim had just finished up when I walked in, but I wouldn’t let him wax it like he wanted before I took it out of the shop. 


I finished up around 10pm last night and snapped these this morning before leaving for work.


Other than the computer, everything went surprising well with putting on the extra parts.  I thought the rear fender would be a problem, but I must have hit the easy button.


The 37c Paselas are huge, and make the bike look like a 650B, but there is still room to spare between the chainstays.


What do you guys think of grinding down the lawyer lips?  I did it on my Marin and it makes pulling the front wheel and racking the bike much easier; but I wonder about how snuggly it fits in the rack.  I probably car top about once a week.

For the technical side, here is the build:

Frame: Surly LHT 60cm, Dark Cherry

Aheadset: Cane Creek S3

Stem: Ritchey 90mm

Bars: Bontrager CX 46cm (off the Marin)

Levers: Shimano 105 (off the Marin)

Interrupters: Cane Creek

Brakes: Tektro Oryx Canti

Shifters: Shimano Ultegra Barcons set for friction

Saddle: Selle Titanico

Bar Wrap: Selle Leather

Bag: Carradice Barley

Crank: Shimano Deore Octalink 175mm

Chain Rings: 48-36-26

Rims: Alex (used)

Tires: Pasela Tourguard 37c Kevlar

Pedals: Dimensions with mini clips (off the C’dale)

Fenders: Woody’s Custom

Headlamp: 12wt Cygolite

Tail Light: Blackburn Blinkie

Computer: Nashbar wireless

Cassette: Shimano Deore 9 speed, 11-34

Chain: Shimano Ultegra 9 speed

Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore (off the C’dale)

Front Derailleur: Shimano Exage (used)

Pump: Zefal HP 4X (ancient)

Seatpost Clamp: Surly Constrictor

Seatpost: Kalloy Uno

8 responses to “Bikes: Surly Long Haul Trucker

  1. Very nice, the color of the frame/fenders/bar wrap and other accessories works really well. Congrats!

  2. Thanks. The leather and frame color matching up was pure unintended luck. I’ve had that saddle since last year, well before I started planning for the bike.

  3. Great Bike ! How tall are you ? Still having trouble (haven’t met one in the flesh) deciding what size to order, and your saddle-handle-bar geometry looks the same as I ride – I’m 6ft and think its sad Surly don’t compliment all their frame sizes for 26″ wheels; I have lovely group set and 26″ errs spare 😦 Oh well

  4. Thanks Rob, I’m 6′, and I think 60 cm is a good fit. I could possibly go 62, but then the top tube might be an issue and I’m not sure the newer sprung saddle would fit. I guess for a 26″ tourer you’d have to go with a Koga or a Thorn – a bit pricey in my book.

  5. I will be ordering a new LHT soon, and have been looking at the Carradice saddle bags! I was wondering if you know whether or not there would be any problems attaching one of the largest saddle bags, and also the support for the bag on the LHT. Thanks.

    — vja4Him * Riding 4 Life

  6. Jim, As long as your saddle has bag loops, you should be fine with the mounting. Even without, there are work-a-rounds. The Midlands brace will keep the bag in proper position, but for a larger bag, a standard rear frame-mount rack might also work well. I think the biggest help is installing some stiff plastic sheets inside so that the bag holds its shape, and thus rides better.

  7. I will have the Surly Nice front and rear racks. Maybe I could somehow secure the saddle bag to the rack so it doesn’t flop around?

    However, for long-distance day rides, I was hoping that I could take off both front and rear racks, and during the dry months (April through October) I plan on taking off the fenders, so I can ride much lighter.

    I’d like to try doing ultra-light bike camping, with a large saddle bag, large handle bar bag, and only one of racks (either front or rear) for securing the tent, sleeping bag/pad.

    — vja4Him * Ride 4 Life

  8. Sweet looking build, I love the fenders especially.

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