Centre County Spring Ramble


Let me jump on the bandwagon with all of the other local blogs and put in a plug for this ride.  I had to beg off because of a soccer match that day, but boy does it look right up my alley:  a laid back ride with a laid back crew on some back country roads.  It would be great to make this “an event” that would promote the whole country biking mindset for this region.  I hope you can make it.. it would have been a perfect shakedown cruise for the LHT.  Since they’re planning on scheduling more, I know I’ll be keeping an eye out and clearing my calendar.

Also, thanks to James, I ordered a $9 Pencam yesterday.  I want something smaller and way cheaper than Red’s Canon to snap “captures” while on the bike.

I’m feeling a little better this morning, mentally.  Things are so busy this weekend that I’m just going to put the LHT out of my mind.  Today is both soccer and baseball, in-laws, finish mowing the lawn, I want to spread this grubb killer powder at some point (the little suckers are attracting moles and skunks – they must be a real delicacy), clean the house, clean up the Marin, etc…  Tomorrow I want to go watch a soccer match that my friend is coaching and lend him moral support.  I’ll give the shop a call on Monday to see how they’re making due.


One response to “Centre County Spring Ramble

  1. Thanks for the plug! We’re planning a dirt road ride in Frederick MD, for the end of June. It’ll be an evening ride, so as to keep cool. I’ll keep you posted on that.

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