Frustrated, Part Two

The bike is in the shop, on the rack stand, partially assembled.  Boy does she look good.  The leather seat and bar wrap match the color of the frame perfectly; and the black accents blend well.  Plus going with the 60cm frame was definitely the right decision.

Frustration: first, it’s just taken a long time to get this bike here, and now it’s still moving slow.  Deliberate, but slow.  I want it done right, and the shop wants every detail perfect, so they are not rushing.  Plus the shop is really busy.  They were swamped with customers when I stopped in, which led to constant interruptions with the whole crew.  Jim is saying it may not be done tomorrow, which pushes the bike into next week.  I’ve been very patient…

The Deore crank was only available in matte aluminum.  That’s fine since the derailleurs I came up with are aluminum finish, but I think black would have set it off a little better.  It is one sweet looking crank, though.

Finally, they had some narrow tires on the rims, which I didn’t understand.  They originally had fat MTB tires on them when I bought them, and put these skinnies on rather than the 37m Paselas.  “We just threw those on to work on the bike.”  ????  I can’t make sense of that one.

Anyway, we’re so close, and I can finally envision the final form.  It’s going to be a blast when she’s completly outfitted and ready to go.


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