Wrenchin in the Garage

I spent a few hours yesterday tearing down the Marin and scavenging the parts that I want to transfer over to the Long Haul Trucker.  I now have several boxes of sorted bike parts in the garage: parts to go to the bike shop, parts to install myself, parts to go on the Marin, parts to go back in the basement, etc…

I started putting the Marin back together, thinking that an upright stance would make a good combination of a street/trail bike for Red; as well as a “grocery bike” that a rack and panniers could be loaded on.  I’m still experimenting, but right now I took a pair of 56cm moustache bars and turned them upside down.  They are very comfortable and the ride reminds me of a beach cruiser, but from certain angles they look a little funky.  If the concept works out, I might spring for a pair of Dove or Albatross bars eventually.


I don’t have any dirt style levers that will fit these bars, so I cannibalized the Tektro interrupters from the Marin.  That allowed me to remove the Travel Agents and go back to the standard noodle setup with the V-brakes (although I can’t find one of the noodles at the moment).  Plus I want a little better interrupter for the LHT.  I put a pair of barcons on it and started running cable when the emory wheel cutter on my Dremel gave out, so I only have the front brake completed.

Given the position, I’m thinking that a wider seat might be more appropriate.  I’ll continue to play around and see how she develops.

Today is my daughter’s first day back to school after two weeks off.  She’s going to try half days and see how it goes.  Most of all, she is eager to see her friends.

In other news, our little hard luck soccer team of leftover kids managed to knock off the number one ranked opponent in our bracket on Saturday.  Our top striker was absent, so I put Ian in and he received a quick pass from the right wing and pounded in a goal in the first 45 seconds.  The rest of the match was spent holding off the other team.  I think if the match had lasted another 30 seconds they would have tied it up.  Our boys were tired and losing their focus, plus they were just plain beat up from playing against older and bigger kids who were very frustrated and drawing cards.  The boys did good and showed a lot of heart.   I, on the other hand, have trouble savoring the win; and instead tend to focus on what worked and what didn’t, etc…  I know I say this every year, but this may be my last season coaching.  I’ve noticed that my attitude just isn’t where it needs to be.  We’ll just have to see.


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