…and from our Statistical Analysis Unit…

It’s always interesting to see how people end up here.  The only real clue that I have is from the search engine reader, which lists what folks have typed in and found this little blog.  There is also the feed reader, but that gives more generalized data that doesn’t tell all that much.

Right from the start, there is a lot of interest in “Surly Long Haul Truckers” or some dirivative of that string.  It makes sense, because the built up ones are new, priced to move, and hard to get ahold of; which is what much of my writing, thoughts, and efforts have focused on.   Woody’s fenders run a strong second, which remind me that I have a beautiful pair ready to put upon my LHT when the time finally comes.

A little surprising is the interest in bamboo framed bikes.  I ran across the link off of the Titanico saddle site, and posted it out of curiousity.  It’s surprising that almost daily someone is searching for information on these.

Someone out there regularly checks in by searching for “Pedalling Along” even with the two L’s, which begs the question as to why they don’t just hot link it, but that’s their business.

Then there are hits for the other bikes that I have: “Marin Larkspur”, “Pacific Arrow”, and “Cannondale Touring.”  The Marin gets looked at almost daily, but the Pacific kind of went through a phase and is now forgotten.  Folks are always interested in Cannondales, and that post set a new record after I put up the picture.

After that, it’s hit or miss.  I think I’ll type “Britney” just for yuks.

In the real news, I’m jones-ing badly to get out and ride.  I’m feeling fat, lazy, and lethargic; and I really need both the exercise and the zen.  We’re about halfway through soccer season, and hopefully the rainy season will only be with us through about mid-May.  I really want to get out a bit this weekend; and I’m a little worried what impact stripping parts off the Marin for the anticipated switch to the LHT build will have.  Will it take three days, or three weeks?  I’ll be going out to Pedal Pushers this afternoon because my frame is expected to arrive today.  If it doesn’t, and there is another fubar, I’m not sure what the next step will be.  I ran across some used ones, and it’s tempting.


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