I touched it.  and I smiled.

60 centimeters of a most beautious shade of dark cherry upon fine and supple steel tubing, enhanced with all sorts of bottle bosses, braze ons, and cable guides.  All is well.

Today begins the frame saver process with applications and drying through the weekend and Monday.  Tuesday the build begins in earnest.  The headset and bottom bracket go in.  The wheels and tires are lined up, the bars and seat will be pulled from the Marin and delivered.  The brakes are ready.  I have a Deore long cage derailleur I can use for the rear; and we decided to go with a four bolt mountain crank for the front so I can get the low gearing that I want.

Who knows?  It’s possible that by the following weekend I could be finishing one journey and just beginning another.

Tonight I shall sleep well.


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