Lunchtime Ramblings

The LHT project is slowly moving along.  The LBS is combing through what they call “take off parts”, where someone orders a stock bike but then wants to change things, and certain original parts are left over.  If they don’t readily move, the shop is willing to discount them heavily just to get them off of inventory.  For instance, a lady ordered a bike with drop bars and canti brakes.  When it arrived, she wanted it switched to flat bars, and to accommodate that, the shop also changed the brakes over to V-style.  Thus, I manage to get a new pair of black Tektro Oryx canti’s for a great price, and so it goes.

There are some parts that just aren’t readily available, such as touring cranks and derailleurs, so they will have to be ordered.  I’m also stripping some parts off of the Marin, like the seat, bars, levers, barcons, etc…; in addition to some random stuff that I’ve been picking up here and there.

I modified the front fender like I was writing about earlier so that it should now fit on the car top rack, and I made a change last night to the Carradice Barley bag that I picked up.  Two things bothered me about an otherwise great bag, and both had to do with the mounting system.  First, when mounted properly, the bag looks to be at almost a 90 degree angle so that the little side pockets are practically horizontal, which risks having anything in those pockets work their way out.  Secondly, by pulling up under the saddle so snugly, the backs of my thighs would rub against the bag.

So it occurred to me as I was looking at this that I needed a way to secure the seat post belt in a way that brought the bag further to the back, thus changing the angle while at the same time moving it away from my thighs.  After playing around with different ideas, I settled on using a seat post reflector mount, sans the reflector.  “Crude, but effective.”  The LHT will have a Kalloy seat post which will work just as well, and I’ll most likely be mounting a springer Brooks Conquest on the Marin in place of the suspension post.


Other than issues like this, I’m running lists of parts through my head to make sure that nothing is missed and that the bike can be built up as quickly as possible once the frame arrives.  And I’m also thinking about the Marin and whether to put the original straight bars and shifters back on it, or the moustache and barcons….but that can wait.

One last and unrelated thing that stuck with me.  My youngest son worries me sometimes.  He always seems off in another world when I’m trying to get a point across, get him to do something, or just get his attention.  Last night was particularly frustrating with him at soccer practice as it seemed his mind was elsewhere.  Afterwards, we’re driving home, and he pipes up:


“Yea buddy?”

“Why is it when we fall and hurt ourselves, we want our moms; but when we have a question, we go to our dads?”

He is so perceptive about so many things for a 9 year old that it scares me.

One response to “Lunchtime Ramblings

  1. Wait till he hits puberty 🙂

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