I have never liked wind.  For a rower, wind = rough water, rough water = no rowing.  Nowadays, wind equals going around the house tightening everything and making sure the trash cans are secure.

I got very little done this weekend, even with the best intentions.  Things were just way too busy with sporting events,etc…  The bike accessories continue to arrive.  My wireless computer showed up along with the pedals, rear blinkie light and bottle cages.  Now keep in mind that my current computer is 20 years old so it doesn’t take much to impress me.  What I like most about this wireless rig is the handlebar mount, which has a lot of flexibility and will allow me to place it back; centered over the stem.  The rear light gives one the option of either mounting it to the seat post, which is not possible for me, or clipping it to the saddle bag, for which there happens to be a tab just for that.  Compared to my 20 year old little LED flasher, this thing has some major mojo.  It actually hurts to look at it straight on.

I’ve figured out that I need to trim my front fender in order to haul the bike on my car roof rack.  When you remove the front wheel and place the fork in the clamp, the fender will extend too far down to allow for this.  It needs trimmed about 3 inches, probably using a coping saw and a sander, then seal it back up.  I’m going to try to get to that later in the week.

Since the Bonty is sold, I focused on cleaning up the Cannondale with the intent of listing it, hoping to at least get a little money out of it.  I hauled it out back and sprayed everything with degreaser and cleaned it up.  That was probably a mistake because it started looking really good.  Once again I found myself looking at the tires wondering now how it might ride if I put a pair of 27 x 1 1/4″ Paselas on it. 

So I’m back where I started – undecided with what to do.  I really want to clear out stuff that I don’t need, and even if I could resurrect this bike into a comfy ride, I don’t need it.  Further, any money that I put into it, I won’t get back if I sell it.  Thus my problem:  keep a nice bike that I won’t ride much; or sell a nice bike for far less than what it’s worth (at least in my mind).  I think I’m going to put it back down in the basement until the LHT arrives, and then maybe that will help me to let this bike go.  I wish one of my sons would grow about a foot overnight so I could justify fixing it up for them.

Speaking of tires: I had been thinking about staying with the 35mm Slickasaurus tires on the LHT and foregoing the 37mm Paselas.  However, after seeing Bone’s resurrected Trek with those sweet puffy tires, I have been convicted to go with the Paselas.  I’ve also decided to mount my Trek rack as a permanent fixture rather than only pulling it out as needed.  Bikes need a certain symmetry to appeal to me and this one has it.  It’s a sweet ride.


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