Bad news/Good news

First a quick blurb on my daughter: she had her surgery this afternoon and all went very well.  She’s at home on the couch doing a lot of napping.  Interestingly, she has not asked for any meds even though they prescribed some pretty hefty stuff.  She is connected by hoses to a portable ice machine, which has cold water flowing through a dressing around her knee.  A friend who went through knee surgery and had the same rig claims they are a blessing.  Hopefully she won’t wake up in the middle of the night in complete agony.

Now, about the bike.  The bad news is that the 60cm LHTs are out of supply and won’t be available until July. Bummer.  So I started asking again about the options with getting just the frame and building one up with what they have around the shop.  That got Big Jim thinking hard…and then the light bulb came on.  They have another customer who is considering an LHT but not yet committed.  Further, he wants just the frame and to build it up himself.  And, he rides a 54cm.

So, to the phones and the good news.  QBP has the 60cm LHT frames in stock, and they have the 54cm built up LHTs in stock.  Viola.  This Friday both will arrive and the switch will begin.  Further, I get to order the Black Cherry paint.  Frame saver will take the weekend, and probably a day or two to build, just in time for the warm weather.  yippie!  . 

Here’s a taste!



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