Mindless Thoughts

At this point, everyone, including myself, is walking around in a daze contemplating the possibility of getting 5-7 inches of snow on Monday.  It’s going to be crazy enough given that I need to be in three places at the same time: work, a memorial service for a fellow at our church who died last week, and my daughter is scheduled for her knee surgery.  Just add a mess of snow to the formula; what the heck?

The surgery is obviously consuming most of our attention.  Anna will be out of school for two weeks and basically immobile.  Her knee has to be completely extended, and there is some ice bath machine thing that my wife keeps talking about.  After that, it will be a slow progression that could total four months until she is completely recuperated.  Fortunately, given her age, she should recover faster.

I know that she is in pain, but we don’t talk about it much.  She’s going to be really hurting next week.  I’m planning on taking off the latter part of the week to be at home with her.  I’ll make sure she has a lot of movies to watch, a phone handy, etc…  If I’m lucky, I can also get some projects done around the place.  I pulled out a set of walkie talkies that the boys have thinking that she can page me whenever.

Red is home today doing our taxes.  She always waits until the last minute and then pulls a couple of all nighters, which is basically her style of doing most things.  Doing the taxes is her way of affirming her business degree, plus she is the house purchasing manager.  She does seem to be pretty thorough in making sure we get everything we deserve to get back.  Between my job, her part time job, her piano teaching, and all of the contributions we make; plus paying a mortgage and several IRAs for the college funds; it can get pretty detailed.  I’m glad I don’t have to do it, and I appreciate her efforts.

I had a meeting last night, but I was able to figure out how to get AIM past the Explorer Pop-Up blocker – thus our kids are happy.  I found an old cable splitter and tonight’s goal is to see if I have enough connections to run a cable over to the television to see how that works.  Ave has also been really chafing at the bit to get Internet up to the spare computer in his room.  That will require a firm understanding of the concept of curfew, as well as a sharing arrangment with his siblings.

Movie Reviews:  Flags of Our Fathers – I actually knew this story about the two flags and all of the confusion over who was in the photo.  The movie was well done and gives one an appreciation of the sacrifices of war.  I’m looking forward to seeing the sequel: Letters from Iwo Jima.

Contact – I caught the last few minutes of this on TV and decided to rent it, mainly because I am one small step behind Hinckley when it comes to Jodi Foster.  It’s rather predictable with the whole “maverick genious scientists v. the bureaucracy” thing, but still an enjoyable watch.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – Better than most, but not a blockbuster.  I found many of the scenes a bit disjointed and without a purpose, but I like just about every movie Kevin Spacey has been in.  Alison Eastwood is someone to watch.  The transvestite is a bit over the top – but I think that was the idea.  It makes me want to take Red to Savannah for a week.  (Not because of the transvestite, but because of the scenery.)

On the bike front, my Carradice Barley arrived yesterday.  It’s a very well made little bag that will be the perfect size for day trips where I want to carry my regular tools, some granola bars, a jacket, and a few other necessities.  It has the tab for attaching a light, but I don’t know if I will rely on that, rig the light to the rear fender, or possibly the rack if I decide to mount that permanently.  It makes so much more sense than the rack trunk I had bought previously, and looks ten times better.


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