Extra Cycle

Here’s one that get’s your attention.  I saw a reference to it the other day and decided to search for it.  You take your bike and purchase the extension, which turns it into a “Sport Utility Bike.”  Pretty cool, but there was a guy in Philly complaining that they do poorly in snow because there is little weight over the rear wheel.

‘spose if I were living Jimmy Buffet style on a beach somewhere, this would be the ticket.


In other ramblings:  I mentioned that we have been watching a DVD of F Troop episodes… one season = 34 shows.  Amazing.

I admit it.  I’m getting antsy about the LHT.  I want it, and I want it now.


2 responses to “Extra Cycle

  1. I saw in your last post that your are a soccer coach. My most recent post may interest you.

    How much of a soccer person are you?

  2. John: Each one of my three kids has played at some point. My daughter was playing U18 D1 until this winter when she tore her ACL and will probably have surgery within the next two weeks. My youngest son is now on a U9 rec team, but were playing in a U10 bracket. My oldest son played but seems to have found his place with baseball year round. and I’ve coached them all at some point. So pretty much for the last eight years we’ve been a soccer family. We were one of the few matches this morning that wasn’t cancelled because of the cold. The boys dropped a hard fought match 3-2.
    “just finished watching Colorado and DC. Not World Cup quality, but who can blame them in 30 degree weather.

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