Bonus Ride

With yesterday’s rain, I opted to cancel soccer practice last night.  As expected, I didn’t hear any complaints, and I figured we’d tear up our practice field pretty good given how muddy things were.

Avery, however, had baseball practice at the complex.  So I ended up changing and loading the Marin in the truck and parking it in the lot; then off I go for a ride that I had not planned on – a bonus ride.  It was a short jaunt around the center of Newberry Township in a very hilly area that I’m not that familiar with.  There’s a stream that eventually runs into the Susquehanna that meanders through some very scenic little areas.  Even though I was “exploring”, I could hear the Interstate now and then, which gave me an idea where I was once I climbed out of the glens.

I only did 8 miles, but with the hills and my legs still stiff from the night before, it was enough.  I think it actually helped my legs to loosen up. 

I wish I would have had a camera, because at one point halfway between Newberrytown and Strinestown, I came up a hill and around a turn to find a sign to a wooded entrance: “Otter Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center.”  Far out!  I didn’t even know we had otters around here.  This is more exciting than the exotic bird farm and the emu ranch.  I’ll need to investigate this further.  (For those of you foreign to Lewisberry: apparently we are the emu capital of the western world because there is a little budding industry of farmettes in the area where you can find these critters strutting about.  It’s pretty whacked to be riding through a neighborhood of high priced horse farms and come upon an emu ranch.)

I’ve been thinking about getting a “cheap” digital camera strictly for these rides rather than carrying along my wife’s Cannon.  I surely don’t need all of the features that hers has, but it would be nice for something small enough to either fit in my pocket or hang from a lanyard around my neck, cheap enough not to cry if it gets broken, but yet with some sort of digital zoom and minimal storage for maybe 25 pics.  One of the kids used to have a portable plastic web cam that I thought would do the trick, but now I can’t find it.

8.4 miles, 12.1 avg., 30 max.


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