Tour de Lakes

Last night’s ride was my “modified Pinchot loop” which takes me around the south and western borders, but then cuts off onto Pinetown Road past Ski Roundtop and then into Silver Lake before heading home.  I pass two lakes and a large pond, and probably several smaller farm ponds on this ride.

The hardest section is actually not long after coming out of the house where there are two major hills on Pleasant Hill and then turns into Twin Ponds Road.  It’s granny gear all the way until a short flat stretch and then rolling out onto Rt. 177, which has a really nice wide berm. 

I took a detour down to the water to snap the obligatory bike picture, and observed two young couples.  The one appeared intent on inflating a raft for fishing purposes while the other were more focused on making out in the middle of the parking lot.


The hill on Alpine is a rush, with being able to easily coast along at 30mph for the better part of a half mile.  I took a second detour into the park on Camping-something Road, which was a murderous hill, but I’d never been there.  The park consists of what used to be several farms, and the lake is formed by a small stream feeding a dam at the other end.  There are still abandoned farmhouses that are crying for refurbishing around, and I once came across the relics of a tobaggan run back in the middle of the woods.  All that are left are the concrete pillars that the ramp used to rest on.  It must have been incredible.

Coming off of Rt. 74 and the short stretch on the north side of the park, I came across what looked like a perfectly fine pair of blue jeans laying in a ditch where it looked as if a car had been stuck.  I imagine there is a great story to that one.

‘couple things of note: I saw three people mowing their grass already, and evidence of others who were already done.  One guy on a tractor wasn’t mowing, but it looked like he was prepping a small oval track that he must have to attract campers for either go kart or tractor races.  Daffodills are everywhere.  Tree pollen is apparently an issue, although it doesn’t affect me.

All told: 18 miles, 13.1 avg., 34 max. on Alpine.


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