Bike Update

I have a Utility Blue Surly Long Haul Trucker, with a 60 cm frame, on order.  Had they been available with the built up models, I might have considered the maroon.  After seeing the frame at the shop, I was impressed.

Later this week we’ll work out the specific details on upgrades.  The only new thing mentioned is to go with a Cane Creek headset.  A King would be nice, but that’s out of my price range for now.  I’m guessing we’ll see the actual bike in two to three weeks, and hopefully it won’t take too long to get it assembled, adjusted, and on the road.

The Bonty is up for auction.  If you’re interested:

I screwed up the timing somehow.  Previously when I auctioned some stuff I could set the begin/end times.  Now it just enters it at the time you finish setting up the page and doesn’t let you change things.

I’m a little sad to see her go, but that is easily offset by the Surly.


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