I’d Like to Buy a Surly Long Haul Trucker, Please.

Today was the day.  I walked into Pedal Pushers and said that I wanted to order the bike.  The “crew” was there, and everyone cracked a smile.  Ted looks at me, and says that it so happens they just received a frame because of recent interest; and would I care to take a look?  Ooh.  58cm and maroon, which looks much better live than the pictures.

I get passed off to Big Jim, who is the Surly guy, and he pulls out the book.  The main issue is figuring out if I would do better with the stock bike and swap out for the parts that I already have, or buy just the frame and build it up custom.  So we talked about some specifics and he is going to e-mail me back after he has the chance to run the numbers.  Yeah, it would have been nice to walk out knowing that a bike was ordered, but to his defense, it looked like they are swamped with wrench work.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the figures and I can drive out at lunchtime and firm things up.

I still have a few details to work out on selling the Bonty, but I did snap some good pictures and compile a list of the components.  Now I have to get an idea on shipping charges and what it would cost to box it.


2 responses to “I’d Like to Buy a Surly Long Haul Trucker, Please.

  1. I just talked to the guys at Holmes in Camp Hill, and they told me they charge $35 for packaging up a bike for shippment.

    I’m planning to sell my Lemond in a week or so.
    Congratz on the promotion and the new Trucker. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. $35. That’s not bad compared to what sellers list on Ebay. Thanks!

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