and so it begins

My time on the bike is going to be a real effort for the next eight weeks.  My oldest son has been in baseball practice for the last week, and my soccer season officially starts tonight with a shakedown practice.  If things work out, I should have some free time maybe one night a week and weekends.  It is possible I’ll get some extra time when Ave is at practice, but it will depend on which field he is at and whether or not I have time to load the bike up.  With the addition of my daughter’s PT (one week left) and music lessons, this last week was a real bear for Red and me.  This has happened twice a year for the last eight years, so it’s old hat.

I’m hoping to get some time out tomorrow morning, before we have our first match, or maybe after.  I really don’t know what to expect with this team.  I’ll get an idea tonight.  Part of the challenge of coaching is not just to improve each player, but also to take what you have, and place each piece into a puzzle that makes sense.  Each kid usually has one unique skill that makes them a standout.  As a coach, I have to find out what that is, and how to use it.

My promotion is official and I saw the change in the payroll system.  But along with purchasing a Long Haul Trucker, I’ve committed myself to lightening the amount of stuff I’ve collected at home.  As for bikes, I’m strongly leaning towards selling the Bonty.  It’s a better bike than the Marin, but none of us really do much mountain style biking, and I think the Marin is a better fit for Red and eventually the boys.  I don’t know whether to put moustache or the straight bars back on it, though; seeing that the drop bars will go on the LHT. 

If I have time over the weekend, I’ll sit down and see what other upgrades I want to incorporate into the stock LHT and then go to the bike shop next week and hash it out.  What I know at this point: my Titanico saddle, the woody fenders, my Bontrager CX bars with leather wrap, a taller stem, composite platform pedals with cages, CX levers, a better chain, 37m Paselas, frame saver; and I’m considering a compact crank setup but want to see if they can do 48/26 or something close.  I’ll also most likely pick up a wireless computer – nothing fancy.  I’m sure they’ll have some good insight.


2 responses to “and so it begins

  1. Which LBS do you use?

  2. George,
    For the LHT I’ve been talking to the crew at Pedal Pushers, located on Walnut Street outside of Harrisburg in an area known as Progress. While they’re not my ideal “country bike shop”, they seem to grasp the concept and are very helpful.

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