Silent Running

I was a bit rushed this evening because I had to get my daughter to PT, but I did manage to get in a ride starting around 6:30.  To deal with the front deraileur I grabbed a pair of channel locks and bent the cage in.  It shifted much better, but it created a problem with having to trim the front for every two shifts in either direction on the rear cog.  Obviously that’s not going to work, so I’ll try a more appropriate fix when I have the time.

I intentionally picked a hilly route tonight…just felt frisky.  Took me around Warrington Township for the most part.  15.9 miles, 12.7 average, 42.3 max coming down Siddonsburg Road, but almost as fast coming off the hill into Lisburn.  Saw 7 deer, including a monster crossing the road about 50 yds ahead.  I never understood the whitetail thing…if they’re supposed to blend in, what’s with the target on their butts when they are running away?

I kind of hit a zone tonight where I realized how cool it is to ride alone, on a quiet country road at twilight, and all you hear is nature and the sound of yourself breathing hard.  Maybe coming up a hill you can hear the chain rounding the gears, or the tires against the pavement, but for the most part the senses are internal.  Your focus is on all body systems of import: lungs, thighs, knees.  Pull the hill, back in the saddle, lift on out, not too hard, focus, success.


One response to “Silent Running

  1. If I remember correctly, the deer only “hoist the white flag” when they’re freaking out to let the other deer know that there is danger afoot.

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