Manly Ride

I desperately wanted to get out this weekend on the bike, but I knew that Sunday would be consumed by the birthday party for my son and other activities.  That left Saturday afternoon.  Temps here were in the low 50’s with rain, but little wind.  Thus after cleaning the house, I donned my Underarmor shirt, a pair of shorts and my rowing windbreaker, and out the door.

It was actually a nice ride.  After a mile the blood was pumping and my legs warmed up, and the rain slowed to a mild drizzle.  The battery in my speedometer died, but I was not in a hurry anyway – I just needed to get out of the house and work up a sweat.  Rode into the booming metropolis of Lewisberry on some back streets, and then took off on several backroads of Newberry Township, finishing with a sprint down “Space Highway” (I just live here – I don’t name the place.)

I’m still having trouble with shifting down into the granny.  Either that little screw on the front deraileur is slipping, or possibly the cage is bent.  I need to remember to work on it tonight before going out.  I ended up using my right foot to push the chain onto the small ring while turning the crank with my left foot.  Also, for the record, fenders are great.

I rode for an hour, probably a tad slower than usual, so I’ll guess I covered 11-12 miles.  The biggest hill was “Heck Hill Road” (appropriately named), and then hit top speed going down Old Trail Road.


One response to “Manly Ride

  1. “Also, for the record, fenders are great.”

    Maximum Truth. Fenders rock all, 2 times.

    …and short rides are better than no rides.

    Keep Riding…


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