LHT – One Step Closer

I know that I promised myself that I would wait until I actually saw the money in my paycheck before I made any move towards this bike, but I could not contain myself and I ended up scoring a pair of Woody’s fenders on eBay:


I like the lacewood pattern, and I think that the combination of walnut and “bloodwood” will compliment the mahogany tint to my saddle.  What I may end up doing is swapping the braces with my SKS fenders, which have the “break-away” connection at the braze ons.

So its not really a bike – just part of the bike.  So maybe I shouldn’t feel so guilty just yet.  At some point soon I suppose I’m going to have to drop the bomb with “she who must be obeyed” that a new bike is going to show up….especially when she starts asking questions when she sees the fenders arrive.  I did buy some degreaser to clean up the Cannondale, so my intentions are certainly there. (insert obnoxious smiley face here)  Now I have to decide if I should also sell the Marin or the Bonty.

BTW: the supplement juice that I’m trying right now is called Mona Vie.  I haven’t had a chance to do any search on it yet.


3 responses to “LHT – One Step Closer

  1. ‘just did a web search on this stuff. Oh dear.

  2. Just found your blog, I like.

    Those are stunning fenders, whoa. Not sure how practical in the long run [in terms of really crappy weather coverage from tire-spray and repeated dealings with rain, etc… ] but man oh man, they sure are eye-catchers!

    Great Luck with your bike, and be sure to throw some photos of her onto your blog when she’s either finished up and ready, or being built up.

    Peace & Blessings-


  3. Was just doing a google search to see what the buzz was on my fenders and came across your site. I like the look of my fenders on your bike. Very cool. Lace wood is one of those really neat reflective grains that I love to work with. You can do all kinds of creative stuff with it and it goes really well with a lot of other wood colors. Thanks! Cody.

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