Spent 15 minutes of U2 on the ergo last night, then lifted weights.  My legs and arms felt great, but I could feel my lower back working, so I limited the time for fear of doing damage.  It’s surprised me, given how good I felt from shovelling snow.  Last night I did feel some general stiffness, so I guess it did some good.

A friend dropped off this liquid supplement that he is selling, for me to try for my arthritis.  It must induce memory loss, because I forget what it is called.  It’s essentially fruit juice with some South American plant extract in it, and comes in wine bottles.  Drink two ounces twice a day, and I’m supposed to feel better in a few days.  He described it as an anti-inflammatory.  I’m pretty skeptical, but I don’t see the harm in trying it.  I’ll keep you posted.

Also, does anyone know anything about liquid collagen supplements for joint injuries?  Two people (one a nurse) have told my wife that we should have my daughter take these to help with her knee injury.  She has PT tonight, so I’ll have Red ask the therapist.  The only “scholarly” article I found cites a rather promising study in Germany involving athletes, but it’s tough to sort through what is true research and what is sales hype.


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