Thanks to this post, I put this DVD at the top of our queue:

 For several years, this video was on my Christmas list, but I guess nobody really understood and found that buying lockset pliers was just easier.  I loved the Band, I loved their music, and I loved what they represented.  Their music was pure and they were genuine.  I remember an interview with Levon Helm when he was asked about being the lead singer and the drummer, which is unusual, and he commented in his Kentucky drawl: “Whallll, singin and playin drums at the same time is really hard.”  I came of age listening to these guys.  I’m either going to bootleg the disk or find a copy to buy.

Speaking of DVDs, two more quick reviews:  Usual Suspects is really good and I’m surprised that I missed it when it came out a few years back.  The acting is great although the “surprise ending” is predictable.  Syriana kind of grows on you slowly.  I’m not a big fan of George Clooney, although I think he does a good job here.  Beware of the torture scene and give it a little bit of grace for being preachy about the whole anti-American oil thing.

There’s going to be a minor nuclear explosion when I get home tonight.  Our daughter was up until 1:30 last night working on a school paper.  The problem is that when she sits at the computer, she “multi-tasks” with downloading music, visiting her friends’ MySpace accounts, and Instant Messaging everyone.  So after talking to the wife this morning, I blocked her Instant Messaging today.  She’s a great kid, but she’s playing us far too much.  She doesn’t do what she’s asked, she doesn’t practice her violin or help clean the house, she’s not doing her PT exercises; and then we hear “I gotta do school work”, only to see her IMing all the time.  So she’s up far too late, not getting the sleep she needs, eating all kinds of crap, and giving us attitude.  Further, she wakes everyone else with taking midnight showers or getting up real early and getting ready for school.  It’s hard to come down on her when she’s doing so well in school, but there has to be some middle ground, and that means her moving towards us at this juncture.

Ave woke up with a cold this morning, so Red is home with him today.  We could tell he was getting sick last night with him hacking away.  His brother has a case of the sniffles as well, and it will probably be a matter of days before he is staying home from school.

My promotion efforts apparently passed a major hurdle over the weekend and things are on track.  I need to confirm this.  I think that I’ve spent about three times whatever increase I’m going to get (in my head).  Red and I need to sit down and agree on a spending plan (as long as it includes my LHT.)  This weekend she bought a carpet steamer and went to town.  She suffers alergies and has been talking about this for awhile, and she found the one she wanted on sale.  She did two rugs on Saturday and they definitely look much better.  Having a wood stove is great, but you have to accept the fact that things will get dirty.

As for bikes, I’m currently monitoring eBay for a pair of wood fenders that have caught my eye.  ‘should see later this week.


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