Bikes: Pacific Arrow

All work and no play…

It took me 2 1/2 hours to make what usually is a 20 minute commute last night.  The state waited until 3 before announcing an early dismissal when we were getting reports of bad roads at lunchtime.  Fortunately, the only place I sat in traffic for any amount of time was in the city.  Once I got out I tried several back roads, only to eventually come up on a line of cars with a car or truck stuck at the top of a hill.  So back down, turn around, and try another route.  I was really out in the boonies at one point, just because I knew that the eventual route was fairly flat.  Given the amount of time that it took, I wonder if it would have just made more sense to sit in traffic on the Interstate, and eventually make it to the same point at about the same time.

I am amazed at some of the lousy driving I saw, with folks just gunning their engines and spinning dangerously all over the place, but then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  You really need to be patient and sense what the car is doing (Is that a Zen statement or what?) I suppose I should also rant about jack-knifed tractor trailers, but I doubt they read this blog…

So I got home last night and shovelled for about an hour, figuring that it would be that much less I’d have to shovel this morning.  As usual, the strategy was successful, and I only had to clean things up and shovel the “plow pile” this morning.  I’m one of those anal types that likes to get the snow completely off of the asphalt so then whatever sunlight we get has a chance of drying the surface completely.  The only work I have left at this point is to clean up the back patio so I can carry firewood into the house.

But when I did finish this morning, I decided to play.  I pulled out this mountain bike and took it for a spin around the neighborhood and up to the main road to check conditions.


This was a birthday present for Red several years ago, but the bike has since been claimed by my daughter, so it see’s very limited use.  It’s basically a chinese box store special, with low grade Shimano parts and twist grip shifters.  The only upgrade was to fit it with an Avocet Womens gel saddle.

Still, for the money ($200), it serves a purpose and can be a fun ride, like it was this morning.  The suspension if very soft, so you end up bouncing over the rough stuff with ease.  I’m not into mountain biking at all, but for tooling around fire trails or hard stone roads and such, it’s fine.


9 responses to “Bikes: Pacific Arrow

  1. yes thats the same bike i have it was my brothers i was cleaning the storage room and found the same bike. also did you know what year the bike came out i thinking of selling it

  2. hakeem; I believe that bike is a 2001.

  3. this stuff is cool

  4. heeeyyy!!! i have the same bike but with some problems, does anyone know where can i find parts of it? thanks

    • Fernando,
      It depends on what parts you are looking for. The frame is a fairly common Chinese production, so you might have luck just searching for people who have bought them, but no longer ride them. The components are all low level Shimano, so Ebay or any local bike shop can probably fix you up.


  6. Do you still have the bike and if so, how much would you sell it for

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