Onion Snow?

I think this is what they refer to as an onion snow, although I haven’t seen any onion grass in the yard yet.  I did notice that the crocus’ are up in the flower beds.

I got up this morning and was feeling my age.  Achey knee, wrist, and hand.  We need to flip our mattress because I felt like I was sleeping on a board all night.

The kids were really bummed that they had school.  I’m guessing they’ll have early dismissals around noon.  Red was supposed to go with our oldest son to some sort of finance/economic learning center in York that sounds really cool.  I wish someone would have taught me that stuff earlier.  I remember having trouble writing a check when I bought my first car.

Our daughter had two hours of PT last night and was wiped out.  They want to strengthen her knee so it recovers from the surgery faster.  I think she’ll also benefit just from the work, as her muscles are pretty weak at this point from lack of activity.  The therapist says no soccer until fall, but swimming is a really good option.  I’m thinking that this would have been her last season for soccer anyway.

I was supposed to travel to East Wallingford tomorrow for a guy’s church retreat for the day, but I doubt that I’ll try it with the snow.  The main group is leaving this evening.  It gets pretty fun with a bunch of old guys cutting up on each other and far too many practical jokes.

For right now, work is quiet, although I have a ton of stuff piled up.  Mostly report writing which I just need to dive into, and today is a good day to do it.


One response to “Onion Snow?

  1. This was not Onion snow. Onion snow happens after the official arrival of spring and is usually no more than a dusting to a couple of inches and after onion sets have been planted. This latest round of snow was a n’oreaster with temps. With onion snow it’s not a storm and snow melts quickly in the am.

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