With the weather in the 60’s and now having a good hour and a half of daylight after work I made it clear to all last night that I was going for a ride as soon as I got home.  Freedom!  I knew I went out too hard, but I was excited and I found that all of the spinning over the last month had at least given me a base.  I ended up cruising through mostly Warrington Township, did some decent hills, and saw some scenery.  I felt so good just to get out on the pavement.  There is still some minor snow piles about, some wet patches (that’s why we have fenders, right?), and a lot of debris that has just not been picked up yet.  I saw 11 deer (not all together), a meadow of horses all wearing blankets with one horse laying down (he did not look good), and three roadside memorials.

I intentionally took a camera along and shot this one.  The others are similar, but not quite as elaborate.  If you look closely, you can see that this one actually


 has a solar panel with three small flood lamps.  I don’t really get it.  As far as I know, someone was most likely killed in a car accident at this intersection.  The others I have seen in the area are either at intersections or hard turns.  So I can appreciate how someone would have thoughts of their loved one when they pass the spot, but I don’t see the motivation to maintain an elaborate memorial at that spot for years.  I assume that the person is buried somewhere near, and most likely in a marked grave where they can place flowers and contemplate….etc.  Its possible that they want to remind everyone that it is a bad intersection by highlighting that a death occured here, but then I don’t think it would be so personalized.  I guess I’d just like to find out why.  What is the motivation or thoughts behind these markers?  Obviously sadness, but is it some sort of therapeutic exercise?  I don’t intend to judge, but I don’t understand the point, and I’m curious.

Ah well.  So today my legs are sore but my mind is free.  If I can swing it, I’m going to bust out of work early today and try to get in a few miles; possibly even jetting down to the rail trail.  I want to get in as many rides as I can before soccer and baseball season ramps up and sucks up my time.

The damage:  14.7 miles, 12 mph avg., 39.4 mph max speed (coming down Moores Mountain). 


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