Surly LHT Update

I’m almost giddy.  The promotion that I talked about earlier appears to be coming together, so much that our top guy stopped me in the hall yesterday and congratulated me.  I think I can take that as a positive sign.

So while I still intend to wait until I actually see the increase on my pay stub, I could not resist dropping by Pedal Pushers and seeing if my plan might work.  It was lunch time and it looked like the whole staff was there, either behind the sales counter or wrenching out on the floor.  As soon as I mentioned Surly, the whole place went silent like one of those old EF Hutton  commercials.  It turns out that three of the four employees are Surly owners, and they all got excited and joined in the conversation when they figured out what I was talking about.

Yes, they are a QBP dealer, and yes they can and do sell Surly’s.  They have ordered built up Cross Checks and LHT frames, which they built up for customers.  And yes, they will modify and swap out parts per the customer’s preference, such as tires and bars.   And, with them all crowded around and looking at the catalog, they weren’t shy about telling me what to upgrade.  Finally, the owner called to check on availability, and was told late March.  His opinion is that QBP is very good about meeting its delivery committments.

All told, if things work out as we discussed, I think I could have this bike, with frame saver, assembly, and the additional goodies that I want, for around $1000.

I want to repeat that I have a really good feeling about this LBS.  I think any other shop would have turned up their noses and tried to steer me to a bike on the floor.  Like I said, these guys were downright excited to be talking about Surly, and the one guy started talking about ordering an LHT frame for himself so he could transition the Cross Check that he already owned into a true CX bike.  This whole project just has the right karma.

To be continued.


One response to “Surly LHT Update

  1. FGG#4405

    I think your right on target with the Surly-X-check.. I have one and love were I’ve been with it. Your LBS sounds good as well.

    get/borrow a fix rear wheel and ride the surly around fixed.
    Get some 700×35 tires and ride it off rode.
    Look at all the different Surly Set Ups at the Fixed Gear Gallery and
    Take it out with 700X23’s on a century
    Don’t ever think it can’t do something…..

    Rubber side down,

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