P.O.’d and Ranting

This morning got off to a bad start with taking my daughter to an orthopedic clinic to review the results of her MRI.  This is now the fourth appointment in three weeks with as yet any actual treatment.  Meanwhile she hobbles about, obviously in discomfort.  She is done with indoor soccer, her spring soccer season is probably out of the question, as is her wish to join the high school track team, as well as her intentions of getting certified as a lifeguard this spring.  On top of that, we had to wait for over an hour in this assembly line doctors’ office while they waited for the actual MRI files to be delivered from the office in the same building.

So now we get a perscription for physical therapy.  She has a tear in her ACL and a stretched MCL.  They want her to undergo PT to see if it helps in order to determine if surgery is needed.  Even if it doesn’t help, the guy feels that the PT will help strengthen things up in preparation for surgery.  So potentially, she’ll go to 3-4 PT sessions, which we can only hope can be scheduled outside of school and work hours, and then end up going back to the ortho guy who will talk and tell us she needs surgery, and then schedule surgery; but who knows when?  Like I said to my daughter as I was driving her back to school: “I wish they would just fix it.”

This whole assembly line doctor’s office thing is getting on my nerves.  Honestly, I doubt that anyone likes going to the doctor, and I understand the need to keep things moving in order to make money so you can pay the insurance; but this Frederick Taylor BS where you’ve got “stations” and billing assistants and etc… is crap.  After 45 minutes you finally get to see “the doctor” who looks at you with concern for all of ten minutes.  and don’t forget the $25 co-pay each time.

I’m not sure what the story was, but at my GP’s office I had been seen routinely by a guy who was a physician’s assistant.  He was cool, and we connected when he found out that I used to play drums in a working band.  It turns out he used to be a singer, and he claims to have given Alice Cooper the make-up idea at a show where they were in Florida.  Maybe that’s why he’s not around any more, or maybe its because there was definitely a lower status thing going on where even the billing staff made a point to correct me one time with a derisive “he’s not a doctor” comment.  I hope he’s doing OK.

Alright, I got that off my chest, and if there are any doctors reading this, please get your act together because you suck.  Learn something about customer service, will ya!

I didn’t get to work out last night and probably not tonight because of meetings and appointments.  Plus I did not get the greatest night’s sleep two nights ago and lacked enough motivation, although I did swallow a sufficient amount of guilt to at least go up stairs and pull out my bike shorts as if I truly intended to work out.  I’m one of those wimps that needs a full night’s sleep to function the next day.  If not, I’m pretty cranky and more or less worthless.

In the doctor’s office, I was watching CNN and the fire in NY.  I haven’t mentioned that I used to be a fire chief.  I’ll save that for some other time.


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