Within the next hour or two, “Pedalling Along” will have experienced 1000 hits.  Thanks to all of my loyal fans for putting this little effort on the A list of blogging history.

Actually, most of those hits appear to come from search engines, although I’ll also kid myself into thinking that there might be some regular readers.

As for searches, there is definitely an interest in: 650B wheeled bicycles, Bontrager Privateers, Woody’s fenders, and Sonia Henning.  This last one I find amazing.  I used it once in reference to the ice storm we had; and I picked the phrase up from one of my favorite radio shows, “Car Talk” on PBS.  One of the brothers usually shouts “Sonia Henning’s Tutu” when referring to cold weather.  Sonia was a renowned ice skater, but hey, do the search thing if you’re really interested.

So I think we’ll be serving cake and ice cream at noon if you want to stop by, and we’ll have a free tire lever for that lucky person who clicks their mouse for hit #1000!


One response to “Celebrate!

  1. I use the google feed reader to read most of the blogs I follow (this one included) so don’t assume that everything from google.com is search engine indexing.

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