Real quick: I realized that I’ve seen a few movies over the past week that I need to mention.

– Fever Pitch: I think my son ordered this one because it is about baseball.  It’s basically a “chick flik” love story about this otherwise nice guy who ends up dating a girl and everything is fine until the Sox’ season begins.  His fanatism creates problems with their relationship yadda yadda…  It’s cute light-hearted faire that guys can tolerate because of the baseball angle, but otherwise it’s still a chick flik.

– Inside Man:  I liked it.  Definitely a guys movie about a bank heist with some interesting angles, but also with a somewhat cerebral slant.  Only at the end does it get a little bit preachy, but I can cut it some slack based on the overall good quality.

– The Pianist: Another dark and depressing story, and a true one at that.  Set in Warsaw during WW2, it portrays this Jewish man’s struggle to survive.  More-so, however, I found myself numbed by the horror displayed in some of the scenes – definitely not for the squeamish.  Interestingly, this episode in history was dealt with in great detail by Churchill in the memoirs I had just finished reading in December.  The movie does not deal at all with the Russian strategy, but it was interesting to know what was going on.


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