Two episodes of spinning at U2 for 45 minutes.  Lifted weights on Saturday and stretched well both days.

I was tempted to get outside on the bike, but my Saturday schedule was too crowded, and Sunday was downright wicked for riding with high winds and dropping temps.  With daylight savings moved up this year to next Sunday, it now presents some opportunities to get out for a quick jaunt after work, provided things warm up a tad, which they are expected to do after a brief arctic blast this week.

I also spent a little bit of time cleaning up downstairs last night so that my workout area looks and smells better.  I will also go down tonight and straighten up a bit.  We leave the cats in the house in the winter and the litter box is in the basement, and “you know who the guy is who didn’t want cats in the first place” has to clean up after them.  I use vinegar and pine cleaner, which seems to work rather well.  Next is the stacks of unused toys, including my own, that need to be picked up and either thrown in the trash or sold.  It’s ashamed that my kids have received so many presents over the years that they got very little use out of.  It’s not that they’re spoiled, but rather that some gifts just are either more appealing, or are such that they get more use.  Kids are busy, and they just don’t get to everything that requires time.  My youngest, Ian, is only happy if he has Legos.  He loves every kit that comes down the pike, but he also spends hours building his own stuff, using his imagination.  Except for the fact that his bedroom floor is completely consumed with little pieces in various phases of construction, we encourage him.  For as social as he is, he can spend hours by himself, just building stuff.

Avery, my older son, is more interested in sports, and in the fact that girls are interested in him.  We have a running battle over the fact that he watches basketball and hockey on TV; which are only eclipsed by golf when it comes to boring sports to watch.  Of course, I find rowing and bike racing exciting to watch, so who am I to talk?

So tonight I shall focus on sneaking those items out to the trash which I hope no one will miss.  Wish me luck.

ps.  I’ve taken down Oil is for Sissies from the Blogroll.  It appears that Jim has decided to move on to other interests.  I know that I will miss his entries, but hopefully he’ll return at some future point.


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