Workout and ramblings

45 min @ U3 on a Nordic Trak skiier.

I was intent on getting on the bike, but my butt hurts.  I hope its just from ramping up these workouts too fast and not some “deep tissue inflammation” that the saddle sellers like to rattle us with.  The only thing that concerns me is that it hurt the second I sat down on the bike, and not after I had worked up to anything.

I’ll stay off the bike for a week and see how it goes.  The Nordic Trak is a yard sale find from a few years ago.  I paid $50 for what I think is around a $400 machine.  It’s amazing how we pay good money collect stuff, and then practically give it away in the end just to make room for more stuff.  We currently also have a Weider Home Gym that was given to us in the basement as well.  I either have to repair the cable system, or clear that out one of these days.  I think the boys would prefer that we keep it; although I always favored free weights myself.

Since I mentioned skiing… I hate downhill, even though we practically live next to Roundtop.  I tried it once and made a complete fool of myself.  First, I couldn’t get up once I fell.  I don’t know how you’re supposed to with those damn boots.  Second, I fell off the lift and they had to stop the whole works to help me back up.  Third, its just too plain expensive.

My daughter went skiing for the first time two weeks ago with her friends.  She ran into some poor guy and messed up her knee.  She has an MRI today.  On any account, it has knocked her out of indoor soccer for the rest of the season, and possibly spring track and soccer.  Sucks.  I need to write more about her at some point.  Her school counselor wants her to go for a National Merit Scholarship; and she is drop dead gorgeous.  Not just Daddy’s girl cute; but daddy’s thought about how she could pay for college with a modelling contract gorgeous.  She’s also getting plenty of attention from boys.  I’m going to have to kill one of them and hope that word gets around.

Back to skiing.  Love cross country, but don’t get a chance to do it enough.  That might be a cool winter vacation idea.  Later!


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