Random…(no bikes)

Movie Reviews:

– Rented The Talented Mr. Ripley.  Overall I give it high marks and Matt Damon really shows his range as an actor; but I wonder about the gay undercurrent and whether Ripley was acting out of necessity to attach himself to these guys, or whether he was truly attracted to them.  It seems like he could have just as easily ended up with either girl if he would have played it right.  Finally, you gotta wonder how he is going to cover up the final murder.

– Went to see Bridge to Terebithia with the fam last Saturday.  My God, don’t go to see this movie if you’re embarrassed about crying.  I’m 49 years old…I’ve seen more death then most people…I don’t consider myself sentimental; and I gave up trying to hold back the tears running down my face.  Seriously, without being gratuitous or playing to emotions, this movie manages to dig into your soul.  Some might find it very uncomfortable because of that emotional aspect, but otherwise, I would recommend it.

With other news, my broken foot bone is bothering me again.  Either I rebroke it, or it just has healed only to a point and is now going to bother me whenever I reach a certain threshold of activity.  I’m going to give it another week, and if this aching persists; its back to the doctor.


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