By the Numbers

Did another 30 minutes of spinning tonight.

When I was rowing, whether on the water or on the ergo, I was a techno geek.  I loved gadgets that analyzed my performance and fed it back, especially in real time.  For the rowers, I actually have a working Pacecoach, which was, and still is, the ultimate in giving you all sorts of numbers as to how fast and how hard one is rowing.  Combine that with a Polar heart monitor, and one can get some serious data.  I would periodically plot out various speeds and stroke ratings against heart rates, which would give an indication as to what practice routines to follow.

Then there was the dreaded Test Conconi, which actually is a cycling protocol.  It plots output against heartrate, but also establishes one’s anaerobic threshold, and subsequent performance above that threshold.  In laymen’s terms, it makes you row till you puke, and then some.

So tonight I noticed how different positions affect heart rate. Basically, even while stationary, riding in the drops appears more efficient than coming up in the saddle.  I suppose it has to do with the position of the heart in relation to the rest of the body. 

Obviously this could all be just an anomaly, but nonetheless something to investigate and keep me occupied while spinning.  Still, let it be known right now that I will not wear a monitor while riding.  That’s not what riding is about for me.


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