650B Revisited

I’m going to give it one last try.  While spinning on the Marin last night I kept examining the C’dale standing over in the corner.  It still looks to me like you could fit some puffy tires in there if the rims were smaller – I’m just not sure how small a 650B would be. 

So before I give up, I’m going to put out a call on the 650B users list for anyone within a reasonable distance.  What I’d like to do is load her up and then see if I could actually fit a rim on the rear chainstays with a tire between 37-40.  I’d like to keep the Shimano hubs and just have the wheels rebuilt.

I’m pretty sure I’d get a “who is this nutcase” look if I went to any of the LBS’ and asked about 650B, although I’m told there is a shop in Glen Rock that leans towards the touring crowd.  I might give them a call.  I’m pretty sure I pass right by their door on the Rail Trail when going through town.

So if anybody out there reading this within 50 miles of the York-Hbg. area has a 650B, please drop me a line.  You’ll be doing me a massive favor.


One response to “650B Revisited

  1. Well I’m no where near there, but I have stepped to the dark side, the 650B side… but I had to do it pretty much DIY (sorry about the redundancy). Scored the bits of local C-List (Wheels and an 80’s Steel frame, Takara) and munged the rest. There are some useful links with ways to measure existing frames for clearance. Go for it!

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