In the Still of the Night

For some reason I woke up early and am not inclined to go back to bed.  It’s currently windy, icy, cold, and dark.  Even our “eskimo” dog balked at the thought of taking his morning dump out in this stuff.  He’ll probably work up to it later for fear of what would happen to him if he decides to leave us a present elsewhere.  I just re-stoked the wood stove and I’m sitting here watching the flue thermometer edge it’s way up.

I had one of those cool father-son episodes last night.  After dinner I decided to shovel the driveway and casually said “and who’s going to help?”  My oldest son, who would usually be playing Madden football pipes in without missing a beat.  In the past when the kids have helped shovel it usually involved more work for me as I had to track down the shovels in the yard or deal with them immediately tiring.  But last night Ave set right into it and truly made the job much easier.  It gave me the same feeling as the first time we were playing catch in the yard and he was actually catching and getting the ball back to me.  ‘another one of those signs that he is turning into a young man, and that I am the father of a young man.

I’m not sure what prompted me, but lately I’ve been reading this book called Weird Pennsylvania.  It was a gift from some employees last Boss’ Day in recognition of my lust for history and overall worthless trivia.  It’s like a coffee table book, but yet its chocked full of substance.  I can only read a few pages at a time, but I have to admit that I find myself going back to it quite often.  The author usually provides the best job he has done with researching a legend, but then he adds separate blurbs of interviews with locals to add color and different versions of the same tale.  To stay on point, he even mentions Bicycle Bill, who was the nut case that kidnapped a girl and killed the FBI agent that resulted in a massive manhunt.  Like I said, I’m not sure what prompted me to pull it down from the shelf, but it makes for entertaining, albeit lite, reading.

Getting into the office looks pretty bleak at this point.  They probably won’t even get to plowing our street until late this afternoon.  So for today: shovelling, napping, maybe some sledding, and maybe some indoor house project.


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